How to take care of acne:17 Effective Skincare tips

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Cleansing, make sure to do perfect cleansing

I know it’s an obvious thing, but cleansing and exfoliating properly are important steps in your skincare routine. 

Note: It is important to use the right exfoliating product for your skin type.

Cleansing is such an important step in your skincare routine, but the question is do you wash your face properly, and are you using the right product for your skin?

How about makeup, are you removing makeup properly?

To find out the answer please check this video for more.

Never leave your skin dry 

Never leave your skin dry even for a second, especially after the shower.

Don’t let your face touch the pillow when you sleep

Make sure that when you’re going to bed, to sleep in the proper position. not on your cheeks

cause you don’t want the oil from your body your hair and your face to go into your face.

So make sure you change your pillow cover daily, and if it was hard for you.just try to put a towel and cover the pillow and change it every day.

Tie your hair when you sleep

Any part that your hair touches your face,it will cause breakouts,i’m sure that you’re gonna agree with me.

Always tie your hair when you apply your skin care products,or when you go to sleep.

Clean your phone

Wipe your cell phone with alcohol cotton swab 3 times a day or once a day or as much as you can.

Treatment for different acne types: whiteheads, papules, pustules 


It formed because of the accumulation of germs, oils, and dead cells.

There is no redness and no swelling.

In order to get rid of whiteheads we recommend:

1.Apply Cosrx Aha 7 whitehead power liquid

2. Use the cotton pad to apply and wipe your face

3.make sure to dab in the remaining product to soak them all in.

4.It’s important to moisturize your skin so you need to apply a moisturizing serum to fully hydrate your skin.

5.It’s time to calm your skin using vitamin tree water gel.make sure to soak them all in to fully hydrate your skin.


It formed when sebum, bacteria and dead skin cell under the skin caused inflammation.

All you need is pinky powder and some cotton swab to treat the papules.

I know that a lot of you guys know this product already, it has portulaca extract and grepe fruit kill extracts which are great ingredients for calming your troubled skin.

The key point here is to not shake the bottle if you already have shaken the bottle then wait until the white powder sinks down.

1. Use the cotton swab and dip it into ENCA’s Acne Drying Pinky Powder.

2.Apply the pink powder onto the papules

We suggest to apply pink powder at the last stage of your skincare at night.

If you follow this treatment at the early step of your papules,it will get rid of papules.

If you start seeing a pus apply the pinky powder to develop it into pustules so you can pop it. 


You can notice it by red in its color with yellow or white pus in the center.

Make sure that you don’t touch it or pop it, I know it gets really challenging but if you do that it might lead to other breakouts or a really bad scar.

Do not freak out (too much stress)

Oh my god, acne breakouts, school, work, relationships…I know that it happens to all of us we get stressed. while small dose of stress can be healthy for us too. but too much stress can cause bad and adverse effects on your skin.they will show up in the form of acne, breakouts, dull skin, dry skin, Eczema, redness.

Good and regular skincare routine be mindful of your face’s state

Make time for your self, slow down, revaluating and mooving on.   

Ask yourself why you’re stressed

Ask yourself can I do something about it and let it go

Maybe…something is missing

You could be missing something,if you’re dealing with irritation,different problems in your skin.

The ods are you’re not getting enough of Nutrients in your diet. 

Your diet plays a huge role in your skin so when your skin starts messing up take a look at your diet.

Healthy fats

Recent Studies show that diet and acne are related because The foods you ingest can disrupt your hormones which in turn produces inflammation, but on the other side, the right kinds of food can soothe your skin and balance hormones.

healthy fats are so good for your skin because they contain omega-6 fatty acids which are the building blocks for your cell membranes.

 when you eat fats not only does it hydrate your skin but it also radiates your skin, some healthy fats that I recommend are coconut oil, avocados, fish, olives nut, almonds, cashews, peanuts these are so good for your skin.

when you realize that your skin looking very dull and dry you should look at your diet, and try to eat more healthy fats.

Less is more quality is over quantity

Less is always more, the fewer products that you put on your skin the better.

You want simplistic products? you want to stick to the products that you do have, and remember quality over quantity.

 I know a lot of the times these big new products come out and they’re very thrown in our face through advertisements and sponsors and all that kind of stuff but what’s really important is to stick to what works for you don’t hop around different products because your skin is just gonna go haywire.

keep in mind that when you change your skincare or you’re trying out a new product, it takes a while for your skin to get used to it.

Do not pop it (i know it’s hard)

I know it’s kind of hard tip, but try to leave it alone.

Try to treat your skin like a baby.

Avoid harsh acne products

Try to avoid harsh chemical products that strip your skin of all of the naturally produced oils, and it’s just so bad for your skin.

 Not only your skin but it seeps into your pores and gets into your bloodstream, it’s just not seeing if you have an acne problem instead of buying different products that are on the shelves right now and like testing it out failing and failing and failing failing and getting your skin even worse.

Makeup detox

Makeup clog your pores so bad, If you have a day off, try to take a makeup detox because that’ll just literally open up your pores, and get your skin to be able to breathe, and it’ll produce your oils naturally rather than masking them or creating unnecessary oils that you are adding to your face with these makeup products.

 If you take off your makeup for a couple of days and you notice that you’re starting to get pimples that’s your body detoxing (that is o.k) That’s just getting rid of all the gunk that is lit in your skin don’t freak out, and think that you have to put more makeup on to mask that because then you’re just going to be in a vicious cycle putting makeup on your pimples not letting it breathe out and creating more in the process.

Drink warm water

Drinking warm water is better for the body and helps with digestion, so just stuck with it. If you  want to get a little fancy please add a slice of lemon to give it a refreshing flavor.

Steam your face at least once a week

steam your face for two minutes, add your favorite essential oil to help make it more relaxing, you can use lavender oil which is perfect to do before bedtime.

Rinse your face with rice water

Nooo wait don’t throw that rice water.

Make sure when you make rice for dinner to keep the rice water to rinse your face,it makes your skin youthful and giving it that glow.

All you need is a bit of rice and cold water now rinsing your face with rice water is great but to have it in a mask is even better.

Own your skin 

If you’re looking at your skin in the mirror,and start feeling insecure about it,touching your acne.

Just take a deep breath and appreciate yourself,you don’t need that much stress in your life,i mean you are beautiful no matter what.

Apply toner

You need to use toner to soften your skin and make a look brighter so that’s what you should  do.

Always wear sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the worst things for your skin,so make sure to use sunscreen every day, even if you don’t see the sun.

Finally, remember everything is temporary, if you’re dealing with acne,and you have those nasty should know that most pimples like scars will fade at the end of the day. true beauty comes from within so we should always focus on the inside more so than the outside.

I hope you did understand these tips.

See you in the next article,and if you have any question please make sure to leave a comment down below.

Remember that you’re beautiful no matter what.

Much love.

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