How To Clear Acne

Acne is a common problem with those who have oily skin or for young adolescents who have just hit puberty.

it affects an estimated 85% of people in their lives everyone wants to know how to clear acne quickly because it’s the first thing people notice.
You should take it easy cause Acne happens often show up on your face neck, chest, back, and shoulders, where the skin has the greatest amount of oil glands.
Read on how to clear acne.

keep your face clean

most often too much oil is the culprit,so you should wash your face up to twice a day,but before washing your face, first wash your hands, and then wash your face with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water use mild cleansers to avoid irritation, do not rub your face too much spread the cleanser gently and softly, Pat the face dry use oil blotting paper throughout the day if needed aside from washing your face do not touch your face at all your hands as produce oil and may have picked up grime which will be transferred to your face this means that you must not pop pimples with your fingernails or any other tool this will worsen the scarring similarly keep your face free of skin products and makeup while treating acne it will keep the pores from accumulating dirt which is one of the causes of acne.

if you must put on the product make sure to use a small amount and that it is hypoallergenic to ice the acne while diamonds may distract the beholder from your face.

Ice Cubes

ice cubes or crushed ice is more effective in combating acne, HOW?- wrap ice in a clean cloth or towel, and hold it over the acne for a few seconds, move to another area repeat until the ice is melted. the ice reduces inflammation.

cucumber And Lemon

It has been known to help heal the skin whether applied directly or eaten as a vegetable similar to ice it cools and soothes the inflammation.
slice a cucumber into pieces and place them in potable water overnight the nutrients in the cucumber such as vitamins A C and E potassium and chlorophyll will be absorbed by the water strain or remove the cucumber slices from the water, and drink it or use it as a facial cleanser if you don’t have the time to wait for the required soaking time you can grind a cucumber into playing it to your face as a mask let the mask dry for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water it will give you acne relief and clean your pores for dab fresh lemon juice on acne squeeze lemon juice into a bowl soak up some of the juice with a cotton ball and dab onto the acne-ridden area alternatively you can just cut a lemon in half and gently rub the cut side of the lemon on the acne you might feel some stinging which means that it is working by killing the bacteria in the acne with citric acid if it starts to become uncomfortable rinse it off with a lot of water otherwise you can leave the lemon juice on overnight.
note that lemon juice lightens the skin which makes it more susceptible to damage when exposed to the Sun if these tips on how to clear acne overnight are not fast enough for you a surefire way to dry pimples is to apply white toothpaste directly on them you can leave it on overnight and you’ll definitely wake up to acne free skin.

I know that a lot of you guys get really stressed especially when your pimples are trying to like starting to grow, and like penetrate out of your skin, and one or two you see those you get stressed right .and especially if you have really big ones some of them actually cause pain as well.
there’s a lot of various factors including foods that we intake that really trigger acne now there are many many ways to manage your acne.
but today I’m going to give you the basic knowledge such as foods that we intake as well as product ingredients to manage our acne.
so first is foods to avoid if you have acne prone skin so milk or any dairy products kind of helps your bones to get healthy as well as boost your brain activity but actually for acne skin it’s a no-no because there’s actually a substance inside milk that causes acne it’s called the dihydrotestosterone it actually triggers our sebaceous glands also iodine is also used for dairy cows as well as our others to prevent infection, but this is actually an inflammatory component that triggers our acne.
so I’m not saying stop drinking milk or stop taking any dairy products if you have acne what I’m saying is if you take too much of dairy products you might see pimples coming up here and there it’s for any dairy products that are also fermented such as yogurt but if you’re still worried you’re not taking enough nutrient I do recommend drinking soy milk rather than whole milk.
You should also avoid sugars, I know that they really taste good
although wonderful eating a lot of sugars actually increases the secretion of our hormones which cause acne and not only that sugar actually reduces our collagen and our elasticity and also this causes acne as well yes I am guilty of it too I intake so much sugar chocolate candy ice
cream anything related surely I am in love with and for many people I feel like sugars actually make us feel better and like I said I’m not saying don’t take sugars anymore but I’m saying too much
sugars can actually cause acne.
flour so as you know bread toast cereal all of these can be made out of flour no wonder I start to get acne or irritated especially around here I am a fanatic I am a fan of bread anyways so flour is a type of carbohydrate which actually boosts energy for our bodies but again eating too much actually increases our insulin secretion and finally it will cause us to have excess sebum and especially the bread that we buy at the super they contain a lot of ingredients that trigger our acne such as sugars soybean oil milk and preservatives and probably you’ve heard once in your lifetime fast food such as hamburgers waffles ramen noodles they’re all a no-no for acne and
especially spicy foods they really can aggravate your acne prone skin again for the hunter time I’m not saying that goes out and like you know to stop eating burgers or stop eating bread but just eat less if you have acne prone skin okay so guys then what are some great foods for acne prone skin
first of all, lettuce improves acne now lettuce contains 95% of water and a lot of fiber better carotene vitamin A E iron and calcium wow that’s a lot of
words it actually has a lot of great functions not just for acne but it helps
with elasticity moisturizing and even brightening of the skin and for our health of our bodies, it helps with constipation and helps with insomnia so maybe if you have constipation hmm I would go to the market and buy some lettuce and make a salad or something and especially for better carotene and vitamin A it really has an effect on our sebaceous glands so it really helps with controlling that excess sebum oh and one more thing spinach is really rich and better carotene so next is cabbage now cabbage really helps with acne commie cabbage really contains vitamins a cee six minerals and sulfur now the vitamins A C and E really helps with trouble skin and soothing it now vitamin b6 actually regulates the concentration of hormones and this lowers the currents of acne and the sulfur component is an excellent the soothing effect for acne and I’ve seen a lot of people actually make cabbage into a liquid form basically cabbage extract and drink it so next is tomatoes and tomatoes with Skin Cleansing now tomatoes are really rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and they also contain a rich antioxidant called lycopene now this actually protects the skin from UV rays and control Stubb um activity it helps with both moisturizing and soothing inflammation of the skin it’s also known to be very effective in cleansing as well as effective in removing your blackheads and you actually might see a lot of people using as a facial packs especially if their skin is a little bit too oily or lust it’s is elasticity now green tea contains catechin and this actually controls your acne bacterium and it also contains flavonoids
compounds now this compound actually helps with skin regeneration as well as skin-soothing now this compound actually really helps with calming the skin regeneration and strengthening the cell membrane so yeah drinking green tea is great but we don’t recommend drinking too much so maybe three cups a day is good okay so let’s talk about some real business guys now we’re actually gonna talk about the do’s and don’ts now you can think about acne prone skin as a little bit on the weaker side and a little feeble so it’s very important to find a mild and gentle product for your
skin so when choosing a product instead of looking for ingredients for your acne try to look for ingredients that you want to avoid in fact there’s a lot of
different ingredients you want to avoid according to skin type and different
ingredients to choose from now I’m gonna talk about common ingredients mistaken that actually may think oh it’s good for acne and common ingredients you really want to avoid now first is shea butter yes we all know Hsieh butter is so famous for its moisturizing effect and it’s definitely a great oil but it can actually really cause acne because it can block our pores so if you have acne prone type skin try to avoid Chia butter
especially in your basic skin care routine next is coconut oil and
you guys know coconut oil is like an all-purpose oil that is used in multiple ways but it irritates the skin through extra sebum secretion and actually
coconut oil actually really helps with their bowel movements and I know coconut oil was really famous for its multi-purpose but sadly it does cause acne so think of this oil itself has a characteristic of blocking our pores and
contracting with the weights and dead skin cells on our face you can really
irritate your face easily so be really careful when you use coconut oil
next is vaseline famous for petroleum jelly and just like coconut oil
you’ve might have heard vaseline has many different purposes of use – now if you’ve tried Vaseline you might have noticed it’s a little bit on the heavier
and thicker side compared to other oils and a lot of people including me use Vaseline for chapped lips or dried elbows and knees and actually, that’s totally fine but if you use it on your acne it actually really blocks your
pores and really will create acne so for a pee prone skin types Vaseline is a
no-no and next is alcohol menthol peppermint and eucalyptus sometimes a
a lot of people like this cold fresh stingy feeling when they apply the product into their skin and a lot of times you may feel that these types of products are really effective and I’m not saying these kinds of products are ineffective or bad for you but ingredients that actually give off this dingy feeling such as alcohol it actually evaporates very well with the moisture and this end the result creates your skin to become drier and also trigger your acne and menthol it really does help soothe acne prone oily type skin types but if you have dry skin like me it can cause irritation very easily and also cause acne so make sure you check your skin type before choosing products that have these ingredients and of course other ingredients to avoid are like parabens and synthetic surfactants especially if you have sensitive skin or gentle skin that gets irritated very easily try to avoid these kinds of hard cleansing ingredients so now what are the great superb wonderful excellent ingredients for our skin so I’m gonna tell you the ingredients that you want to look for as well as recommend some products that have these ingredients in them the number one is retinol retinol
actually helps with removing excess cells that block follicles and also
promotes collagen this is an excellent treatment for acne and also prevents
wrinkles and helps with skin damage and prevents aging so number two is as Lake acid this ingredient actually cleanses our acne bacteria that has infected our pores it really helps with relieving inflammation and has a function of exfoliating because it’s effective for pigmentation it helps with their trouble marks as well so thirdly is a H a and B H a now this famous ingredient is effective for removing dead skin cells and it’s really helpful especially because when you’re preventing the dead skin cells from blocking our pores it can help our sebum secretion to be normal and not only this it really helps with blackheads as well now let me introduce you to a product that has both a H a and BH a as their main ingredient so we have the mandelic acid 5% in prep water this product will actually really gently exfoliate your dead skin cells and soothe irritated acne-prone skin not
only that it improves skin texture and tone as well it’s a clear transparent
the texture that is very moisturizing and it’s very mild so any skin types can use this how-to before using toner use a cotton pad and gently wipe your face if your skin is a sensitive skin type use this about 2 to 3 times a week
since this product has a function to exfoliate it’s important to apply
sunblock lotion before going out the number 4 is green tea extract a green
tea leaf extract which is also called as EGCG actually constrains acne-causing inflammation and effectively gets rid of bacteria not only is it effective for alleviating acne but also very good first foliated dead skin
sells and also like mentioned before green tea is also a very good source of
food for acne now let me introduce you to a product that uses green tea as its main ingredient so we have the green tea an enzyme powder wash now the green tea ingredient in this product will help you cleanse the skin as well as give you a really clear skin tone it’s a light cream powder type that actually contains sodium bicarbonate also known as baking powder and it’s an effective cleanser that goes deep into your pores how to this product includes amino acid natural surfactant instead of synthetic surfactant, therefore, you won’t see it foam up as much but it is still gentle and cleanses sensitive acne prone skin number five is Centella Asiatica extract
this plant is actually known as Tiger gas because it is known that Tigers when they have scars they’ll actually rub themselves against this plan to heal their wounds not only does it help heal scars but actually helps regeneration of acne scars as well and it controls our acne inflammation so not only this but it will actually calm your skin that has been irritated from UV rays and helps Autopia as well now let me talk about a product that actually has this ingredient inside though we have the TECA 1% barrier cream so the main ingredient of this is actually Centella and it helps the regeneration and recovery of skin damage and the texture actually comes out like white pointment from a tube and it’s not sticky as well how to you can think lee apply on top of acne scars or damaged skin areas especially where you may have concerns it’s also effective for a wrinkle improvement so you can use around eyes and around lap lines so this product was actually not launched too long ago but it was so popular and requested by so many people so we’re actually planning on launching another product in the same category but just in a serum form so it will be using Centella as the main ingredient as well as it will be probably used for all skin types so
it’ll be gentle like that and it will definitely be effective for acne now just quickly talking about some main ingredients that if you have acne prone skin you want to look for our that we have tea tree oil with series
and acid and benzoyl peroxide however all these ingredients may not fit on
certain skin types so make sure to test it before using it so as you know
actually all products these days actually have a requirement to initial
the ingredients to find the product that has the right ingredients for you now if you look at the ingredient list it’s actually ordered in the most amount of quantity therefore if you look at the last list the ingredient has probably the least amount of quantity inside but towards the end if an ingredient has 1% or less contained in it the order usually doesn’t matter but still, it’s not indicated like 1% or less so consumers don’t really know what contains 1% or less but usually coloring or preservatives are usually indicated at the end of the list so keep that in mind so finally I know this video might have been a little bit boring or dollar maybe too much word but if you do have acne prone skin and you’re concerned about your pimples and acne to try to go over the list that I have explained or even the food sources that are good for your acne or avoiding foods that are harsh for your acne.

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