Acne Where I Shave: How to Prevent It

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Most of us are familiar with this story: I NEED TO SHAVE BUT I HAVE ACNE WHERE I NEED TO SHAVE, or Why must I have acne especially where I shave, or every time I shave I start getting acne on my jawline where the hair starts growing in, and it’s so damn annoying.

So Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Yes, they will show up in sensitive areas of your body.when you shave, you are shaving the hair off, and a thin outer layer of your skin. This will cause irritation, abnormal growth of hair follicles, and ingrown hair.

However, to ensure acne after shaving doesn’t become an issue for you, you should find ways to prevent it.

Acne can be caused by different factors such as improper shaving routines and irritating shaving products.

Shaving can cause all sort of problems especially if it’s done unproperly.

Pimples from shaving VS Razor Bumps:

Pimples from shaving are not the same as Razor Bumps, they are different Because pimples are generally caused by bacteria that is clogging up your pores above your hair follicle, while Razor Bumps are the result of shaved hairs growing back.

If you think that shaving is a major cause of your acne or other types of bumps on your skin, then there are several things that you can do. If acne continues to be a problem even after trying different strategies, then talk to your doctor for treatment options.

How To Avoid Acne Before Shaving:

  1. Before you start shaving rinse the area with a warm water
  2. Using a  beard trimmer instead of an electric shaver
  3. Applying shave cream
  4. Applying Mild Alcohol-Free Toner
  5. Lightly exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin cells
  6. that could clog up your razor, preventing a close shave, it gives your razor and shaving cream the cleanest slate possible to remove hair from that could clog up your razor, preventing a close shave.
  7. Always Going With The Grain

How to avoid Acne After shaving :

Prevention is the ideal cure for treating this type of Acne, you can follow these proper techniques to reduce pimples and irritation.

Ways to prevent “Acne where shave”?

If you’ve tried everything but nothing worked you should:

1-Stop touching and picking your face Because it’s gonna make acne worse.

2-Pay attention to your diet

3-Deal with Stress And Depression:

Stress can be treated by practicing exercise and meditation. You should find ways to reduce it.

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Shaving And Acne: The Experience of 2 Facebook Users.

Facebook User:

cystic acne could caused by picking ingrown hairs and then on the other hair starts to grow it grows can correctly it might get stuck in the skin and then it becomes inflamed resulting and cystic acne also if women shave their faces they can irritate their skin and the hair on the outside of their faces which can get irritated and also causes cystic acne there’s a quite a correct way for women to shave and that’s what I have been doing I’ve been shaving my face for a little while, and I am obsessed about picking the hairs out of the bottom of my chin and my chin got infected and I didn’t even realize that and that’s where the cystic acne started. I’ve been dealing with this for almost six months now I think I know why.


Well I was thinking about things today as I was doing my acne cleanser tonight, and I suddenly realized I started shaving my face not every day maybe once a week and I was kind of going in different directions but I was also using my son’s razor and then my Razor and I believe that these pimples were there before but they just got inflamed and now they’re infected plus I was picking the hairs on the bottom of my chin and when you pick hairs on the bottom of your chin when the rest of them grow out they can grow out incorrectly which causes inflammation and bumps that turn into cysts I do believe this is why I have a messed up face…

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