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Will Any Natural Acne Treatment Work? Find Out the Truth About Acne Products Today!

– things that your school professor never told you about.  You’ll learn about the skin care products that you should actually stay away from and the ones that can help you clear up your acne.

Over the years I’ve found that there are so many products out there that aren’t quite safe.  That’s what I’m going to expose.

You see, there are so many acne treatment products on the market today. It’s all about supply and demand.  When there’s a big problem like acne, huge companies know that there’s going to be a lot of people wanting a fix.

So these big companies launch a product out in the marketplace to fill the need.  However, they aren’t necessarily in the business to help you and me out.  Thereinto make money.  Instead of focusing a lot of time on creating the right product for you, they invest in expensive advertising across the major television networks to make sure that you buy into what they’re selling.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are highly effective acne products out there that can really help you get rid of acne.  I know from experience. The tough thing is trying to find out which one is right for you.

So with all of these products floating around, how do you know which one is right for you? There is plenty of information out there that you can access.  The reality of the situation is that most people don’t even take the time to do all of the research.  Instead, they buy what’s very popular in the stores, something that could even be bad for your skin.

That’s why I decided to create this site.  So let’s get into the truth…

What You Should Avoid

1) Products with alcohol.

There are a time and a place for using alcohol.  I’m not talking about the kind you drink.  What I’m talking about is the stuff like isopropyl, methanol,  and ethanol.  This stuff can kill your skins natural defense system, as well as seriously dry out your skin.  As I mentioned, it can help you out.  The issue is that there are other products that can cause less havoc.

2) Products with parabens.

Parabens include bethyl, methyl, and propyl.  These chemical are found in a lot of skin care products.  However, there has been a link between parabens and cancer.  So stay away from this stuff.

3) Products that smell good.

Does this sound strange?  Well, those fragrances contained in many skincare products are scientifically created, man-made chemicals.  Unfortunately, these can be toxic (super dangerous) to your skin, or even carcinogenic….which means that they can be cancer causing.

What to Look For

Well if you’ve read this much, I think it would be important for you to understand more about acne.  You see, there’s a lot of people that put gunk onto their face to remove acne as fast as possible.  Many of this stuff is used to dry out the acne, make it smaller, and hopefully, it will go away for good.  Wrong!

That stuff is a temporary fix.  In fact, it can make your skin dry and irritated.  You see, people get acne for a reason.  Reasons that can be controlled.  When you try to improve the core of the problem, then the chances are you’ll have less of the problem.  So let’s explore acne a bit more before I go into things to look for.

So what is acne?  One of the most popular types is called Acne Vulgaris.  It appears as a red bump on the surface of your skin – an inflammatory condition.  In particular, it happens at the sebaceous gland. This can become a pustule.  If it progresses, it can lead to cysts…something I’m sure you don’t want to have.

The after effects are horrible. You might end up with a scar, or even worse – pits on your face.  It’s like having visible holes on your face…pits.

Most people get it on their face.  Some others get it on their neck and on their back.  All this because of hormones and bacterial infections.

An even larger problem is the damaging psychological effects.  Some people have reduced self-esteem due to acne.  Some people have gotten so depressed and committed suicide over it.

That’s a good reason for doing something about this as soon as possible.

So what can you do?

The top 3: good hygiene, eat right, and exercise.  That sounds like a cure for everything.  The tough part is that most people don’t do it all.  Some people can have good hygiene, but there eating and exercise habits are poor.   That’s one of the reasons obesity is growing here in America.

So what else can you do?

Of course, improving eating and exercise habits will help.

As I already mentioned, you shouldn’t just fix acne at the surface of the skin.   You should work on it from the inside out.  By doing this, you can improve upon the nutritional imbalances in your body.  Hormones and bacterial infections can be greatly influenced by improper nutritional habits.

Fortunately, nature has its ways of helping us out.

Here are some ingredients that can help you with your acne.


I’m sure you’ve heard how great vitamin C is, right?  What most people haven’t told you about is that Ester-C is even better than the typical vitamin C.  It’s actually a unique and patented form of vitamin C.  It’s PH is neutral.  Most vitamin C that you can buy in a health shop is acidic, something that may not be good for your health.  It can even cause stomach aches if your stomach is sensitive.

The good thing about Ester C is that it’s also easily absorbed.  It’s a super version of Vitamin C and has the ability to boost your immunity.  So this can help with bacterial infections, such as those that play a role in Acne.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin has been shown to control the oiliness of the skin.

Vitamin E

If you want to retain the beauty of your skin, vitamin E is an essential nutrient.  It can help your acne by lowering the chances of your skin becoming inflamed.  The effect of this is the reduction of acne-causing scars.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This is known as a powerful universal antioxidant.  It is both water and lipid soluble.  So it’s able to reach deep within the cells to help prevent the damage being caused by free radicals.  This actually helps prevent inflammation at a cellular level.  That’s why some skincare products include it as scar prevention or reversing ingredient.


CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant.  It’s also referred to as CoEnzyme Q10.  If you’ve been looking at skincare products, you might have noticed this ingredient in many of them as its effects have been recognized.

It’s a vitamin-like substance that healthy skin contains.  Unfortunately, this antioxidant becomes depleted over time.   It’s a vital substance that our skin needs in order to retain it’s health and beauty.


The good thing is that you don’t have to hunt around for a bunch of different products.  There’s a product that combines these powerful ingredients into 1 synergistic formula.  It’s a natural formula from the Acnezine acne treatment company.  I’m a happy customer of theirs.

It’s not a company with a household name.  It’s not a company that uses a popular celebrity to entertain you in a multi-million dollar infomercial on TV.  They don’t even spend money on radio advertising.

That’s actually a good thing.  They’ve put more time and energy in creating a high-quality product.  That’s better than a bunch of hype.

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