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Do you Dream of clearing skin, and Get rid of your Acne?

If you dream of getting rid of your Acne then you’re in the right Place!

Quit Acne is all about inspiring, supporting others from around the world to get rid of Acne.

Tips For keeping your skin clear

Proper Cleansing:

Because acne is mainly caused by bacteria that get into the pores on your face, the first real thing that you need to do is to keep this from happening. While there is no way to stop it from getting onto your face, it is possible for you to remove it before it becomes a problem.

You should purchase a good quality cleansing product. There are many on the market but you will want to look for those that have antibacterial qualities to it. This will help to rid your skin of bacteria.
No matter how well you wash your face, though, there may still be bacteria lurking there. Another thing that you should do to help keep it at bay is to use exfoliating products. The dead skin cells that are on your skin can contribute to your level of acne. First, they can actually block your pores and contribute to the oil blockage which in turn can lead to acne.

The dead cells also can be used by bacteria as a food source so that they can breed. Removing them is quite simple, though. You will simply need to use exfoliating skin care products which are readily available.


There are many things that you can do to help to improve your skin’s condition when it comes to acne treatment. One of them is exfoliation. This is the process of using a non-harmful but slightly abrasive product to rub and wash against the skin. Like most other types of acne treatment, it is common for these products to help when worked in conjunction with others. Yet, exfoliating the skin can be one of the best ways to treat acne.


Taking care of your diet is an important step to cure all the types of acne.

Consulting a Dermatologist

It is best to consult a dermatologist before applying any acne skin care product. Particularly for serious cases of acne infection, treatment by a dermatologist is advisable to keep acne under control and to prevent breakouts. Observing proper acne skin care is important especially for younger individuals. Blemishes and rashes tend to heal faster when a person is younger but severe acne cases should be properly taken care of to prevent scarring. A healthy diet and lifestyle will also lessen the effects of acne.

Shaving for men

For men, shaving should be done carefully in order to avoid irritating or spreading acne. Choose a safety razor that is right for you by testing out a few. Soften beards by first washing the face and neck with mild soap and warm water; then apply shaving cream. Use care in selecting the shaving cream because many contain ingredients such as menthol that may irritate your acne. Use a sharp razor and shave lightly to avoid cuts and rupturing blemishes.